Adam Higerd

  • C/C++ (18 years), Qt 4 (8 years)
  • Object-oriented programming, data structures, TCP/IP, client/server, systems design, user interfaces, cross-platform development
  • Python (10 years)
  • Dynamic programming, interpreter embedding, PyGTK
  • HTML (20 years), CSS (11 years), PHP (13 years), Javascript/ECMAScript (11 years), Java (2 years), C# / ASP.NET
  • Website management, multi-user systems, desktop and mobile sites, interactivity and animation, scalability
  • Scripting languages
  • Lua (3 years), POSIX shell (12 years), Windows batch scripting, Perl, custom script/expression parsers and interpreters
  • LISP/Scheme/Racket (4 years)
  • Functional programming paradigm, provable software, AI and algorithmic analysis
  • Other languages
  • Visual Basic; 6502, Z80, and some x86_64 assembler
  • Automated testing (9 years)
  • Unit testing, functional testing, end-to-end/integration testing
  • Technical writing and documentation (12 years)
  • API documentation, end-user instructions, executive overviews, project design/requirements documents
  • Database administration (14 years)
  • Database design, implementation (including SQL and NoSQL), and maintenance. MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, MS Access.
  • UNIX administration (12 years)
  • Linux (Gentoo, Red Hat, Debian/Ubuntu), Mac OS X, remote administration (SSH, VNC, NX)
  • Network administration (17 years)
  • TCP/IP and UDP/IP, network and router configuration, firewall (iptables) configuration, proxy server development and administration, virtual networks
  • User Interfaces (13 years)
  • Qt 4, JUCE, GTK, X11 / xcb, iOS, Tk; Web 2.0 with PHP, Python, Java, C#, and C++. Focus in usability and accessibility.
  • Music and Audio
  • MIDI (including MIDI file I/O), ALSA, waveform synthesis, VST and Audio Unit plugin development, some DSP
  • Small-group programming, project management
2000-PresentPersonal and Freelance Projects
  • Developed and maintained "ABoard" forum software, formerly used on greenmaw.com and bobandgeorge.com
  • Developed custom UI framework on top of X11 / xcb
  • Developed image processing tools in C++ for personal use and for trisphee.com
  • Developed or helped develop various games and toys in a variety of languages
2014-2016Google, Inc.Mountain View, CA
Software Engineer
  • Developed and maintained features and functionality for the AdSense video ad interface
  • Implemented and maintained server-side support for AdSense video ads
  • Analyzed data collected during user interface experiments
  • Maintained automated testing coverage for frontend and server-side software
  • Wrote design document, implemented, deployed, and analyzed statistics for new video ad format
2014IT Strategists, Inc.Los Angeles, CA
  • Architected and developed web crawler to collect information about performances and events
  • Worked with one of the top 1000 most popular websites to construct their redesigned site
2006-2014Ingenuitor, Inc.Northridge, CA
Chief Technologist
  • Designed and developed interlingual communications software for desktop or embedded hardware using Qt or iOS
  • Designed and developed server and database systems for using Qt, OpenSSL, SQLite, and NoSQL
  • Designed and developed cross-platform database editor for desktop hardware using Qt
Senior Software Engineer
  • Responsible for maintaining, modifying, and enhancing Trisphee forum software and visual style
  • Rewrote, upgraded, and maintained avatar editor and shop system
  • Developed and maintained inventory manager, trade system, and donation processing system
  • Developed interactive battle system for site-wide event (September-December 2010)
  • Performed system administration tasks such as configuration and maintenance of virtual private server
  • Trained and supervised intern developers
  • Designed and implemented Crystal Caverns of Kalin / Gravity Runner game
  • Working on procedural content generation for on-site RPG
Co-Founder, Project Manager
  • Organized and managed an open-source project with an international team of developers
  • Designed and developed a variety of cross-platform Qt tools
  • Designed and developed a framework to transmit and receive Qt signals over a network
  • Designed and developed an asynchronous web server using only cross-platform Qt that supports both traditional and Comet usage patterns
2009-2013East West Recording StudiosHollywood, CA
Software Developer
  • Developed music sampling plugin using VST, Audio Unit, and RTAS plugin interfaces
  • Developed editing tools for assembling samples and effects into professional instruments
  • Developed user interfaces according to artist's designs (out-of-date example available at http://www.soundsonline.com/hollywood-strings)
  • Developed integration of Python-language scripts into an audio system
  • Developed integration of Lua-language scripts into a UI system
2011-2012Nicalis, Inc.
Contract Web Developer
  • Rewrote nicalis.com website from Flash to HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Implemented unpublished ballistics game in HTML/CSS/JS
2005-2009TimeIPS, Inc.Wichita, KS
Senior Software Engineer
  • Developed TimeIPS time and attendance software using PHP and MySQL
  • Developed client terminals for TimeIPS on embedded hardware using C++, Qt, Python, and GTK
  • Designed and developed timed event scheduler for TimeIPS using C++, STL, and embedded Python
  • Designed and developed customer relations management software including telephone system integration using C++, Qt, and Asterisk
  • Developed kernel drivers for custom-built audio hardware
1996-2004Greg Fewin AgencyWichita, KS
Data Entry, Programmer, Webmaster
  • Entered names and mailing addresses in a database
  • Helped develop customer relations management software around user feedback
  • Created and maintained website http://www.gregfewinagency.com/ (archived at archive.org)
1998-2000Wichita High School NorthwestWichita, KS
Technical Systems Manager
  • Installed and maintained network workstations
  • Provided technical support for school computers
1995-2000Wichita High School NorthwestWichita, KS
  • Received National Merit Finalist award
2000-2004University of OklahomaNorman, OK
  • College of Engineering, BS in Computer Science. Graduated Dec 2004.
  • Listed on College of Engineering Dean's Honor Roll